Our aquatic therapy program is hosted by the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center (RBAC) in their Therapy and Teaching pool.   The pool is a 91 degree, warm water pool especially designed and equipped for children and adults with varying impairments, limitations, and disabilities.  The pool depth varies from 3 feet to 5 feet.  Toys and equipment are provided by Dynamic Therapies, Inc. as well as the RBAC for therapy use.


Aquatic therapy is a specialized treatment method that takes place in a safe and controlled water environment.  It can be used as a substitute for or adjunct to land-based therapy.  The many properties of water such as buoyancy, support, and accommodating resistance can enhance interventions for children with various impairments, limitations, and disabilities.

Aquatic therapy exercises are designed and implemented under the direction of a licensed physical or occupational therapist.  Our therapists can also work with your child’s current physical and/or occupational therapist(s) to support and/or enhance current treatment interventions and goals.


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The program’s description will be posted shortly.